AutoAgronom's team combines significant industry experience and expertise with an innovative and strategic approach. We share a passion for agriculture, our products and the environment.

Our Company

AutoAgronom's development and success can be attributed to a unique intersection of skills. Our staff and advisors include experts in cutting edge Fuzzy Logic technology, leading agronomic specialists and researchers, seasoned farmers, and innovative strategists. To learn more, and join us on our journey to sustainability, please contact us


AutoAgronom is a part of the CNYD ShenyangnYuanda Group. Shenyang Yuanda Enterprise Group is a largescale international firm mainly composed of Yuanda China Holdings Limited, Shenyang Brilliant Elevator CO Ltd, Shenyang Yuanda Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd, engaging in construction curtain wall, elevator manufacture, motor manufacture, wind power generation, prefabricated house, system windows & doors, environmental engineering and prefabricated houses. Its head office is located at the base of the equipment manufacture city Shenyang.

Environment & Sustainability

We are dedicated to helping farmers grow more with less. Our commitment is to significantly improve efficiencies of water and fertilizer usage for the protection of our environment. Our goal is to measurably increase farmers' productivity and crop yields, and strengthen their operations. We aim to empower local communities and assist in delivering global food security


We help the farmer maximize his productivity and profitability through the control of crop irrigation, using advanced technology and reducing the consumption of water and fertilizers, which also preserve the environment.


We will be irrigation control leaders, allowing farmers to maximize productivity and profitability in an ecological way, which will protect and preserve the environment.

Our Values



All our products, services and actions have as a priority to protect the environment in order to take care of the planet, the nature and every living creature.



High technology will help us achieve the goals at their best.

Mutual benefit


The treatment and relationship with our clients will be based and guided by mutual benefit.



Our commercial vision is based on improving the production and profitability of our customers.

Customer service


We will do everything necessary and possible to provide our customers with the best and longterm service.



We believe in truth, decency and justice as the ethical basis of our company and we expect the same from our customers and Collaborators.



We respect people and believe in mutual respect as the basis of human communication, giving equal importance to nature and to the planet itself.



We are under a permanent search for high technology and professional development.

Economic aspect


It is important for us to be profitable and help our clients increase their profits.



We improve the financial situation of the farmer while preserving the environment.



“Listening to the roots; changing the way we farm”